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Detailed AEI Program Listings & Policies

The Claims Law Catalog contains important information for every prospective or current AEI student, including:

  • Detailed course and program descriptions
  • Sample text and exam questions
  • Student reporting
  • Policies and procedures

Find answers to many of your questions and valuable information you need to begin or continue your professional development.


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Supplement to Claims Law Courses

Ridesharing and Insurance, Oh The Issues This Creates

FACTS: Many people now earn or supplement their living by driving for a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft. These companies are referred to as transportation network companies (TNCs). TNCs pair drivers with individuals who seek transportation through on-line service or smart phone app. While this seems harmless enough, it raises a host of issues when it comes to auto insurance coverage. Many people are unaware that they have no coverage under their personal auto policy (PAP) for this vehicle use because of a public or livery conveyance exclusion.

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  • 2022 Claims Education Conference (Where AEI designees are recognized for their achievements) May 10-13, 2022 (New Orleans, LA).  Note: 2021 conference has been cancelled due to the pandemic.
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