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The Fundamental in Coverage and Claims Law course is designed for the entry level employee and all who want an understanding of the principles of insurance laws as they apply to coverage and claims.

(Course Textbook Consists of 158 Pages)

This course provides the insurance professional with a basic understanding of the principles of insurance law necessary for sound underwriting and claims adjusting. It combines elements of coverage interpretation and legal principles that will allow the student to see at once how our legal system affects the insurance policies on which claims are based.

While the materials are presented as an overview, they are sufficiently sophisticated to give the student a sound base on which to build a thorough knowledge of coverage and claims law. The text describes the policy and its essential parts in the context of how court shave interpreted them; clearly explains how tort liability is established and how it affects coverage under the policy; and discusses damages and how they are determined in first and third party claims.

Course Index
1. The Insurance Policy as a Legal Contract
2. Legal Liability and Causation
3. Indemnification and Recoverable Damages 
4. Litigation, Arbitration and Other Ways to Resolve Disputes While Controlling Costs