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Each AEI course requires successful completion of a 20 question multiple-choice, open-book examination.  When enrolled in a program, successful completion of all seven course exams satisfies the requirements for successful completion of the program. AEI’s electronic exam format eliminates paper exams. Instead of being sent a set of paper exams, students electronically access each exam as it becomes available for them to take according to their exam schedule. 

We realize that the demands of the job are greater than ever before.  We want to help our students get the best claims law training in the industry in a way that fits into a claim professional’s busy schedule. When students enroll, there will be a 3 day processing time before exams become available.  Students are provided a course schedule and they can go entirely at their own pace and take the exams whenever they want as long as all exams are completed by the last due date on the schedule. 


When a student is ready to take an available exam, the student should log on to the AEI website – Student Center - Online Exam – and select the appropriate program and course. The exam will appear on the screen. It is strongly advised that the student print the exam, circle their answers, and when ready log back on to submit the answers. The graded exam along with counselor comments will be returned immediately.

If a student does not pass an exam, a makeup exam (and a second makeup, if necessary) is included as part of the tuition for each course. If a student does not successfully complete the third exam, a fourth exam requires an examination fee of $50.

Our grading system is as follows:
    E = Excellent
    G = Good
    S = Satisfactory
    F = Failure

Note: When enrolled in a program, the letter "A" signifies completion of each course exam with a grade of E.  In the event of a failing grade on any exam, a make-up exam is provided; the failing grade is replaced with the grade achieved on the make-up once a passing grade is achieved on the make-up.

Our counselors are available by phone (toll free 800-631-8183), or e-mail ( to answer questions about the text material and offer guidance to students as they progress through the program.