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AEI’s foundation program, Legal Principles, covers the basic areas of law all claims professionals need. AEI offers additional programs in specific areas of insurance law. Programs include:

Professional designations are earned upon successful completion of each program. Designations are continually earned while completing programs in pursuit of AEI’s highest designation, the Senior Claim Law Associate (SCLA). The following designations can be attained:

  • Specialist - completing any individual AEI program.
  • Associate - completing any AEI program in conjunction with Legal Principles.
  • SCLA - completing Legal Principles plus three additional AEI programs. This is AEI’s highest designation.

Additional awards can be attained by completing a fifth or sixth program. AEI provides the following awards:

  • SCLA Silver Award - for the completion of a fifth AEI program.
  • SCLA Gold Award - for the completion of a sixth AEI program.

Each program includes seven individual courses and most students enroll in full programs. Individual courses are also available for those not wishing to enroll in a full program. For the new adjuster or investigator looking for an introductory course, we also offer: