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Prospective Students

How do I enroll?

Students can enroll several ways:
  • Online - Click here
  • Enroll over the phone at 800-631-8183
  • Mail, Fax or email the completed enrollment form found here

How do I request more information?

Students can request information several ways:
  • Interested students can complete the online inquiry form found here
  • Email
  • Call 800-631-8183

What designations are available?

By completing AEI’s programs, students earn designations and awards that are widely recognized in the industry as a mark of professional achievement. A complete listing of our designations can be found here.

I ultimately want to earn my SCLA, so where do I begin?

Earning the SCLA designation requires completion of the Legal Principles program plus three other full programs. The best place to begin is completing the Legal Principles program first, which is the foundation for a thorough understanding of the rules of law that apply to claims and is required for obtaining the SCLA designation.

I am new to claims, which program would be best for me to start with?

AEI offers two fundamental courses:
      1) Fundamentals in Coverage and Claims Law, which covers coverage and claims law designed for the entry level employee and all who want an understanding of the principles of law and insurance as they apply to coverage and claims
      2) Claims Fraud Fundamentals-an introductory course that presents some of the main issues in fraud recognition and investigation. Course is specially designed for new SIU personnel.
      NOTE: Courses do not count towards obtaining a designation
  • If you want to begin with a program that will count towards a designation, the Legal Principles program which provides the foundation for a thorough understanding of the rules of law that apply to claims.

Can I complete the coursework at my own pace?

  • Upon enrollment, students are given 30 days to receive the course materials and prepare for their first exam. After successful completion of the first exam, students can take subsequent exams at their own pace within their 8 month course schedule (for a full program).

    Each Full Program is scheduled for completion in approximately eight months. Each individual course is scheduled for completion in approximately 30 days. AEI provides the schedule.

What’s the cost of each program?

  • Full programs=$1,020 (includes books and shipping)
  • Individual course=$190 (includes book and shipping)
  • Individual Fundamental course=$100 (includes book and shipping)

Click here for more tuition information.

Does the program tuition include the books?

  • Tuition include E-books, access to claims/legal experts using 800 number, Claims Law Update quarterly newsletter and record keeping.

Can I pay for individual courses and then covert to a full program?

  • A student may convert from an individual course(s) basis to a full Program by paying the full Program tuition fee plus a Conversion Fee less a credit for the total tuition fee paid for each individual course.

Do I need a college degree to enroll?

  • A college degree is not needed to enroll.

I have completed designations with other organizations, would I be entitled to a waiver of any of the SCLA program requirements?

  • Given our unique course content, we do not offer any waivers for courses taken through other organizations or colleges/universities. With that being said, one option you have could be taking our Qualifying Examination for Legal Principles (there is a fee to take this exam) in order to test out of the Legal Principles program. Our Legal Principles program is a requirement for the SCLA designation and provides the foundation for a thorough understanding of the rules of law that apply to claims. The Qualifying Examination for Legal Principles contains questions from all seven topics covered in the program and the exam is graded by section. If you are interested in this option, please contact Jerry Chiara for further details ( or 800-631-8183).

Are there any specific computer requirements needed to take the online exams?

  • The only computer requirements needed is high-speed internet access.

Do the "Fundamentals in Coverage and Claims Law" (010) and "Claims Fraud Fundamentals" (025) need to be completed, or are these optional?

  • These two courses are optional are a good resource for someone new to the field of insurance claims.

Current Students

How do I access my exams?

  • Students can access their online exams by logging in with their student number and last name here 

Can I print out my grades?

  • Students can print out their grades by logging into their Student Record with their student number and last name here

Are there any optional study guides/ aids available?

  • Each book has self-study questions and answers to help as a study guide.

How do I apply for an extension or a reinstatement into a program?

  • Please call 800-631-8183 for more information on the reinstatement or extension process. Fees will apply

What if I fail an exam?

  • Student can take an exam three times and there is a 3-day waiting period between tests. If a student fails an exam three times they are instructed to call the AEI office at 800-631-8183 and there is a fee charged each time after until the exam is passed.

How do I become a member of the Society of Claim Law Associates?

  • First program completers will receive a 1-year complimentary membership.  Each year after a membership form and dues will need to be submitted. You can fax or mail the enrollment form found here 

One of my employees is in the middle of completing an AEI program and needs to withdraw, can I make a substitution?

Full-Program Substitution
  • Substitutions made within six months of original enrollment: No fee if no exams have been graded. If withdrawing student had any examinations graded, there will be an additional $50 per examination fee.
  • Substitutions made more than six months but less than one year from original enrollment: $50 Administrative Fee if no exams have been graded. $50 Administrative Fee plus $50 per exam fee (see above) if applicable.
Individual Course Substitution
  • Substitutions made within two months of original enrollment: No Fee. Substitutions made more than two months but less than six months from original enrollment: $25 Administrative Fee. NOTE: If substitute for substitute, $25 Administrative Fee.


AEI Alumni

I completed a program but want to enroll in another one, what should I do?

Students can enroll several ways:
  • Online - Click here
  • Enroll over the phone at 800-631-8183
  • Mail, Fax or email the completed enrollment form found here 

Are there frames available for purchase for my SCLA certificate?

  • SCLA frames are available for purchase directly from Frames4Diplomas. Please click here for more information

How do I order a SCLA digital badge or replacement SCLA certificate?

  • For more information on the SCLA digital badge and the request form please click here.  A fee will be charged.
  • Please call 800-631-8183 to order your replacement certificate. A fee will be charged.

Continuing Education

Are AEI courses eligible for continuing education credits for adjusters?

  • A number of our courses focus on the legal interpretation of coverage issues and are extremely beneficial to agents and underwriters as well as claims professionals. These courses have been approved by many states as a source for continuing education credits for agents' license renewal. For a complete listing of approved states please click here
  • Continuing Education requirements vary from state to state. In order to make sure you will qualify for continuing education credit in a particular state, it is IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL AEI AT 800-631-8183 BEFORE YOU BEGIN the course for which you are seeking credit. If you don't follow the particular state's rules, you may not qualify for credit in that state.

Company Representatives

Can I obtain more information on AEI courses for my employees?

We are holding an education fair at our company, could AEI provide us with their materials?