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Is the Driver Liable?

A car was struck from behind by a van. The car was stopped at a traffic light at the time of the accident. The impact of the van propelled the car into a pedestrian who was crossing the street directly in front of the car. The police officer who investigated the accident issued a summons to the driver of the car for driving while intoxicated and that driver later pleaded guilty to that offense. If the pedestrian sustained injury, is the driver of the car liable to the pedestrian for common law negligence?  Click here for the answer

Would You Pay This Claim?

An insured filed a homeowners claim after her house was damaged by an electrical fire.  The insured submitted a $75,000 estimate for damage to the house itself, and a proof of loss for personal property in the amount of $100,000.  The damage to the house was legitimate, but after interviewing witnesses and reviewing the proof of loss, you concluded that there was sufficient evidence to prove that the insured intentionally inflated her personal property damage claim by $30,000.  Should the insurer pay the legitimate portion of the claim?  Click here for the answer


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