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Students may obtain enrollment information by contacting:
American Educational Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 356
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920-0356
Enrollment may be made by using the Online Enrollment Form, by phone 800-631-8183, or by Fax 908-766-9710. 


AEI courses can be taken individually or as part of a Program.


The E-books and examinations are included in the tuition fee.
Also included in the Program tuition fee is AEI's Claims Law Update. This quarterly newsletter deals with timely topics of critical importance to claims professionals.


An examination due date schedule is furnished on enrollment. Each Program is scheduled for completion in approximately eight months. Each individual course is scheduled for completion 60 days from enrollment.


The progress of each student is reported monthly to his or her company. Grade transcripts are sent to each student upon completion of his or her Program. Permanent student records are maintained by AEI.


Designations are awarded on completion of the respective Programs.


We recognize that on occasion a student may enroll in a Program and then decide to withdraw. We will permit a substitution to be made for the withdrawing student within one year from that student's enrollment date. A new schedule based on the date of substitution will be issued to the new student. No substitution will be allowed more than one year from the withdrawing student's enrollment date. See the Fee Schedule for the various fees pertaining to substitution.


The schedule of examination due dates that is provided upon enrollment is expected to be followed. When circumstances arise that make compliance with those dates impossible, however, we will grant an extension of time to complete the courses if requested as long as the request is in accordance with the student's company policy.

Full Program: No fee for an extension of six months from the scheduled completion date of the original student. Fee for an additional twelve month extension is a $25 Administrative Fee plus the difference between the original enrollment date tuition and the tuition at the extension request date.

Individual Course - No fee for a 60 day extension. For an additional 90 days a $25 Administrative Fee plus the difference between the original enrollment date tuition and the tuition at the extension request date.                                                                                                                                           

Failure to complete within the maximum extension period will result in the student being dropped from the Program and he or she must then be reinstated to continue.


A student who is dropped from the Program for failure to complete within the maximum extension period may be reinstated for a fee upon request. A new schedule allowing for a 12 month completion period will be given to the reinstated student. However, no extension will be permitted to a reinstated student.


A student may convert from an individual course(s) basis to a full Program by paying the full Program tuition fee plus a Conversion Fee less a credit for the total tuition fee paid for each individual course.


AEI textbooks are not available for purchase by anyone other than a student who has completed the respective Program or course or a student who is currently enrolled in the Program or course.