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Detailed AEI Program Listings & Policies

The Claims Law Catalog contains important information for every prospective or current AEI student, including:

  • Detailed course and program descriptions
  • Sample text and exam questions
  • Student reporting
  • Policies and procedures

Find answers to many of your questions and valuable information you need to begin or continue your professional development.


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Supplement to Claims Law Courses

Open and Obvious Conditions and the Duty To Warn

FACTS: Aaron was six years old when he accompanied his father to a neighbor’s house where he saw a zip line and asked if he could use it. The zip line was set up between two trees in the neighbor’s backyard and consisted of 200 feet of cable with a hand trolley used to glide along its length. The neighbor purchased and installed the zip line himself. He knew that the zip line could accommodate a seat, but he neither purchased nor constructed a seat and, therefore, all it had was a hand trolley that users had to grip with their hands and hold on to for the duration of the ride.   

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